I’m Lu Yang, a product designer. I enjoy designing for simplicity, intentionality, and delightfulness.
I’m a recent graduate from CMU’s METALS program (Masters of Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science) in HCI. In the past year, I learned how to learn and navigate through ambiguity to build products.
Professionally, I was involved in designing effective educational products that made a difference in millions of people’s lives. I’m deeply motivated and inspired by how good design can make the world a better place.
Outside of design, I live to travel (32 countries and counting). I love to collect stories from different people and seize every chance to capture good photos. I am keeping a travel blog sharing my stories on the road, with over 3,900 subscribers.
I’m looking for product design job opportunities. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about my work.


  • I believe understanding human behavior is key to great design. 
  • I believe in the power of storytelling.
  • I believe good design balances human needs, business requirements, and technology opportunities.

                          RANDOM FACTS

  • My dog Yuanyuan, is here to capture your heart.
  • When I’m not designing, you can catch me planning for my next trip, overdrinking milk tea, cooking, and consuming endless hours of Youtube videos. 
  • I spent 3 month traveling in the Middle East and Africa solo. I hitchhiked around Israel, witnessed wildbeaste migration in Kenya, and kayaked on the Nile River. 
  • I love learning new languages because they open doors to new worlds. I have studied English, Japanese, French, and Spanish so far.